Algomar Yachting Co. belongs to a family of sailors with almost 35 years of experience in GRP sailing boat and motorboat production. Our sailing boats are Karia 23, Karia 31, Karia 41, and our new range trawler yachts are Poros 30 and Poros 40 (project stage).

Our manufacturing is hand made with polyester and epoxy materials. All deck and interior parts are fixed at our facility and the boats are delivered on water, ready to sail.

Since our foundation, there are 116 Algomar boats sailing all around Mediterranean, many of with CE certification.


Due to the demand of our customers, we established our own service department in 2004 to give technical support for our own manufactured boats as well as those of friends. Depending on our production schedule, we were able to take a few highly damaged boat repair/refit projects every year, for the last 5 years.

Refit References

(contact info available upon request)

Swan 65 : Complete osmosis care and the replacement of electric-water layout.

Swan 43 : Being damaged by storm, 3 holes of 2 mt-2 ,5 mt at port side have been repaired by re-molding. The half of the interior furnishing, replacement of teak deck and the paint  of board has been made.

Odessa 72 (Russian Whitbread boat) : Complete osmosis care.

Custom made Katamaran, 40 feet : Interior furnishing has been completely re-designed and re-newed .

Motorboat, 38 feet : Grounded at storm, having 2 holes of 1mt x 1,5mt, has been repaired by interior molding method.